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Katie Combs, Director

Katie has been writing, directing, choreographing, and/or producing children’s and young adult shows for over twenty-five years. Her published works include multiple children’s and young adult scripts and full musicals for live theater, numerous educational curricula, commercial songs, as well as scripting and marketing materials for a wide variety of projects. Katie currently works professionally as a singer, actress and voice over actor, writer, director, and private voice teacher. She is a member of Vocology in Practice, an organization that stays on the cutting edge of vocal science and technique. She is passionate about encouraging the next generation of artists. To learn more about Katie, visit her site

Lori Wilbanks, Assistant Director

Lori has been an educator for over twenty-five years, with experience in the classroom, as well as tutoring centers, and with private clients. She has taught, performed with, directed, and produced numerous drama and musical theatre troupes, productions, and performances over the past thirty years. Her vast experience in marketing, sales, customer service, and communication skills has proved to be a great asset, as she is the point of contact for students and parents involved in BAPAC. She has a passion for kids and loves watching them surpass expectations as they grow in confidence and explore their talents. For more information about BAPAC, please email her at

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